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Download Destination

Download Destination
Saline residents can sign in with a library card and PIN number to check out and download free digital books and audiobooks onto a computer or portable device or ereader. Extra copies of ebooks purchased exclusively for Saline are indicated by an orange Advantage check mark. See OverDrive Help to get started.

Odilo Odilo
Odilo is a collection of ebooks with an assortment of genres from small, emerging, independent, and midlist publishers. You can read ebooks on your PC or use an Odilo app on your mobile device. To access Odilo, click here. You will need to login with your library card number and PIN. For more information, please see the Odilo FAQs and Quick Start Guide.

Axis 360
Saline residents can now access eBooks from Axis 360. These books can be read on a PC or Mac, iOS and Android devices, a Kindle Fire or Fire HD, or a Nook. Visit the App Zone to find the correct software or app for your device. Video tutorials and help can be found on the Axis 360 Youtube Channel. Checking out on app-based devices requires downloading the new all-in-one Axis 360 Mobile App. Click here to download the App for your ios or Android device or visit the App Zone.


Hoopla Digital
Go to Hoopla Digital to start borrowing a large selection of movies, tv shows, audiobooks and music for free with no late fees and no hold lists. An SDL library card number, PIN and an email address will be required. Click here for more instructions. After checking them out, TV episodes and movies are available for 72 hours, music albums are available for 7 days and audiobooks are available for 21 days.


Zinio Digital Magazines (See quick start guide listed below)
Read entire magazines on your computer, tablet or phone by using your library card. Click here to create an account. View all available titles by clicking here.

Freegal Music Freegal Music (See helpful tips listed below)
Login with your library card and download and keep up to 5 free MP3 songs per week on your computer or . Download songs on your computer or mobile device with a free app. These songs can also be loaded into iTunes.

TumbleBookLibrary - Picture books & more for kids.
TumbleBookCloud Jr - Ebooks, National Geographic Videos, audiobooks, graphic novels and read-alongs for upper elementary through middle school.


Scholastic Bookflix: Grades PreK - 5
An interactive experience that allows beginning readers to explore fiction and non-fiction designed to increase understanding and fluency. Increase comprehension and have fun at the same time! Michigan residents or Michigan library access only.

eBook k-8

eBook K-8 collection
K-8. Fiction and nonfiction books you can read online - for school and for fun.  Search for what you want.  Picture books, homework topics, languages learning.  Online help available too.

Websites with free online books:

Complete Works of William Shakespeare
eBooks--formerly NetLibrary--also accessible from home with driver's license.
Forgotten Books--classics, philosophy, mythology, folklore, and more.
Gale Virtual Reference Library--MeL database; home access with MI driver's license.
Google Books--for free books use "Advanced Book Search" and search "full view only".
International Children's Digital Library
Internet Archive--Digital library of free books, movies, music & wayback machine.
LibriVox--acoustical liberation of books in the public domain
Online Books Page--search and browse over 11,000 titles.
Project Gutenburg--books and stories that are now in the public domain.

Freegal Music Tips:

How does Freegal work?
Access Freegal Music with your Saline District Library card number. You can download up to three songs per week (Monday through Sunday).
How do I search Freegal?
Browse by Genre, Featured Artist, or Newly Added; or do a keyword search at top of the home page by artist name or song title.  Advanced Search expands to include composer.
How do I  download a song?
Music tracks are downloaded as MP3 files and can be permanently saved on your computer or portable devices.  It is recommended to first download a song to your computer by clicking “Download Now” next to selected song and saving it to a location of your choice. There is no need to install any software on your computer.
Can a song be played on portable devices?
Yes. After downloading a song, sync the portable device with your computer.
I've downloaded a song, but can't find it on my computer:
The downloaded songs may be automatically stored in different places, depending on the operating system you are using, the type of browser you are using, and the way your computer is configured to handle MP3 files. Here are some techniques that may help you locate the mp3 files you have downloaded to your computer:

  • There may be a folder on your computer called "Downloads" that contains the MP3 files you downloaded from Freegal.
  • There may be a folder on your computer called "Temporary Internet Files" that contains the MP3 files you downloaded from Freegal.
  • If you use the Firefox browser, check the settings in the Tools -> Options menu. The "General" tab shows the location that is used for saving downloaded files.
  • If your computer is set up to automatically open MP3 files in iTunes, let iTunes manage the file location for you. In order to keep the songs in iTunes after the initial download from Freegal, click the "Advanced" tab on the iTunes Edit -> Preferences menu, and check the box that says "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library".
  • Use your computer's Search capability to locate your files. For Mac computers, this is the "Spotlight" tool. On Windows PCs, look for the "Search programs and files" box when you click on the Windows Start button. A good way to search for your Freegal MP3 file is by typing in the artist's last name, or a distinctive word from the song title.
  • Note that when downloading a Freegal song on an iPad or iPhone, there is no easy way to save the MP3 file on your device. The recommended method is to download from Freegal to a computer and then transfer the MP3 file from the computer to your portable device.

Zinio Digital Magazine Quick Start Guide:

You will need:
--To be a Saline resident with a current Saline District Library card
--An email account
--The ability to go online with a computer (pc or mac), iPad, or compatible Android tablet

What you will need to do:
Zinio for Libraries requires you to create two account logins – a Library Collection Account to browse the collection and check out magazines, as well as a free Zinio.com Viewer Account to read magazines online, or deliver those magazines to a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device.

Create a Library Collection Account:
--Go to https://www.rbdigital.com/thelibrarynetworkmi/zinio to create your Library Account.
--Click (or tap) on "Create New Account".
--Enter your library card number (under the barcode on your library card) and click "Next"
--Fill in your information, create a password, and click "Create Account."
--You've just created the first of the two accounts, your Library Collection Account, where you can see all the magazines in the library's collection.
--Choose a magazine to check out and click on it.
--Click on “Complete Checkout”.

Create a Zinio Account:
You will be taken to a Zinio.com page where you must create your Zinio viewer account. -Use the SAME email and password you used for the Library Collection account. We recommend that you UNCHECK the “send me email updates” box to avoid unwanted emails.
--Click Register. Now you've created your Zinio viewer account.
--You will be taken to your Zinio viewer account showing Your Reading List, which includes the magazine you just selected.
--Click on the cover of the magazine to open and read.

Whenever you wish to get additional titles from the library’s collection you need to return to The Library Network ‘s magazine collection pagehttps://www.rbdigital.com/thelibrarynetworkmi/zinio and log in if you're not already logged in. Click on another title, then click on “go to my checked out magazines”.

Please be aware that Zinio is also a retail business  that sells emagazine subscriptions to individual consumers.  Parts of their website are geared for doing that.  You do not have to purchase anything to get the magazines from the library. 


Important: You must set up your library collection account and zinio.com viewer account BEFORE setting up your iPad viewer app  (or any other device's zinio viewer app).  

To enhance your magazine issue viewing experience, Zinio viewer apps are available for iPad and some Android tablets for viewing magazines by downloading and reading offline.  Apps are READERS ONLY, meaning you must return to the library collection whenever you wish to choose additional magazines or issues and check them out.  In other words, you cannot use the app to get the magazines from the library, you can only use the app to read the magazines. 

After setting up your library collection account and your zinio.com viewer account,
download and install the app from your device's app store.  There is a zinio.com page with links for getting apps, if you wish to use it.

Use the same zinio.com viewer account email and password you created earlier to connect your magazines to your iPad or other device app.

In the app settings, it is also recommended that you UNCHECK the box on the settings screen to NOT receive updates/promotions.