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Voting 101: A good place to start for those who may be voting for the first time or may need a refresher is Voting 101 from the League of Women Voters of Michigan. This page has definitions of different voting terms and explanations of how different officials are elected. Two excellent and comprehensive sources of voter information that deal with everything from voter eligibility to overseas voting are the Michigan Voter Information Center and the US Election Assistance Commission's A Voter's Guide to Federal Elections. Ya es hora is an excellent source for Spanish speakers.

Are you registered to vote?
Are you registered? : If you are voting in Michigan, this Secretary of State website will tell you if you are registered, show you your voter district information and a map of the location of both your polling site and local clerk. There is also a link to view what your ballot will look like. You will need to put in either your first and last name, birth month and year and zip code or put in your driver's license number and birth month and year.

How can I register?
Registering to vote : Michigan's Secretary of State website has step by step directions on how to register to vote and how to place an absentee vote. The form is available at Secretary of State offices and you can also click here to download it. The US Election Assistance Commission also offers National Mail Voter Registration forms in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Where do I vote and what will my ballot look like?
The City of Saline Elections and Voter Information page has information on voting locations.
The Michigan Secretary of State website can show you your exact ballot and voting location if you enter in your first and last name, birth month and year and zip code or put in your driver's license number and birth month and birth year.
Click here for the Michigan Secretary of State's video guide to the optical scan equipment and the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal used in Washtenaw County or look at the City of Saline's guide on how to mark your ballot.

Do I need some form of identification to vote?
The Michigan Secretary of State website states "When you go to the polls on Election Day, you will be asked to present voter identification. If you don't have acceptable photo ID, you can vote by signing an affidavit. The affidavit can be used by 1) voters who don't have acceptable photo ID or 2) voters who have photo ID - but didn't bring it to the polls." If you register through the mail, federal law may require you to present ID at the time of voting.

Where can I find information about candidates and the issues?
CRC's Analysis of Ballot Issues : The Citizen's Research Council of Michigan provides a detailed analysis of ballot issues.
MLive Voter Guide : Research the candidates and issues in Michigan elections.
OnTheIssues : Find out where Michigan politicians stand on various issues. This site allows you to look up quotes, voting records and background information for each candidate and incumbent, categorized by issues such as budget and economy, environment, gun control and immigration.
Votesmart.org : This site contains information for nearly every person on the ballot in the nation. There is also extensive coverage on issues and detailed descriptions of each candidate's stance and voting history.
Opensecrets.org : The Center for Responsive Politics has put together this website which aims at increasing transparency in government by tracking the influence of money in U.S. politics.
Michigan Campaign Finance Network : A nonprofit organization that "follows the money in Michigan."

How do I report a problem or file a complaint?
"If you experience a problem at a polling place or with voting procedures in your jurisdiction, you may report the problem or file a complaint. Contact your State or local election office for information on complaint procedures. You may also register a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice at (888) 736-5551 or voting.section@usdoj.gov." This information comes from the US Election Assistance Commission's A Voter's Guide to Federal Elections (available in 11 languages).