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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.

NOTE: Please check Library Catalog for availability.

Moldylocks and the Three Beards
by Noah Z. Jones — JE Red Jon
Early Chapter Book

This is one of the wackiest retellings of a fairy tale ever! Princess Pink travels to the Land of Fake Believe where she has to save her new friend, Moldylocks, from the Three Beards who are NOT happy that the girls ate their chili and napped in their beds! An off-the- wall debut for a promising series that will surely charm the most reluctant reader. (MK)

The Very Cranky Bear
by Nick Bland — E Bla
Picture Book

Zebra, Moose, and Lion try to cheer up a cranky bear by trying to make him more like them, but what Bear really wants is sleep.  It is the very plain sheep who comes up with the solution. (KW)

Bringing Down the Mouse
by Ben Mezrich — j Mez

In a clever caper, seven middle-schoolers plan to use science and math to beat the carnival games at Incredo Land amusement  park, winning one spin of the giant wheel of fortune.  Charlie’s math brain can calculate where the wheel will land.  Then the team will walk away with forever-good tickets to Incredo Land and a lot of money.  Great fun—and great science, too! (PS)

Lifesize Rainforest
by Anita Ganeri — j591.734 Gan
Nonfiction, Habitats

Meet the creatures of the rainforest  up close in this vibrant and colorful book. Each image looks as real as a photograph and will have you fooled by the fact that they are digital paintings. Meet creatures as small as a tiny blue poison-arrow frog all the way up to a giant green anaconda. They are presented in actual size and the text includes facts about each. (KAW)

Justin and the Bully
by Tony Dungy — JE Blue Dun
Beginning Reader

Justin is excited about soccer until he encounters bullying from a teammate.  He is so discouraged he wants to quit, but his family convinces him to try again. (KW)

Adventures in Cartooning
by James Sturm — j741.5 Stu
Nonfiction, Drawing

This is simultaneously a how-to drawing book and a hilariously clever story that leads the reader through the process of creating a cartoon or a graphic novel. A collaboration between three witty cartoonists makes for a laugh-out-loud adventure! Constant plot twists show how the aspiring author/illustrator is in total control of the storyline. (MK)

Hey Duck
by Carin Bramsen — E Bra
Picture Book

Has Duck found a new friend to play with? What happens when that friend is really a cat?  Duck wants to do what ducks like to do – play in water. Cat wants to be left alone until he realizes that he truly misses Duck. You will enjoy this funny and entertaining book about an unlikely friendship. (KAW) 

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