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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


Aviary Wonders, Inc.
by Kate Samworth — j Sam
Illustrated Fiction

“Renewing the World’s Bird Supply Since 2031,” says a cover banner.  This quirky offering presents itself as a lavishly illustrated catalog and instruction manual for building your own bird. Yes, it’s a cautionary tale wrapped in a colorful and (darkly) entertaining package.  (PS)

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing
by Sheila Turnage — j Tur

Miss Mo LeBeau is back, serving up dishes at Miss Lana’s café and tracking a genuine ghost at the old inn. All the great characters from Three Times Lucky are back, too, plus a few new slick ones. Who is haunting the old inn and why? Is Tupelo Landing haunted by a murder? Mo and Dale, 6th graders, plan their class project around ghost hunting. Terrific as an audiobook, too! (AE)

The Good-Pie Party
by Liz G. Scanlon — E Sca
Picture Book

Posy is moving. She and her friends don’t want to say good-bye, even as they help with packing and taking down. But then the three friends change “good-byes” into “good-pies,” and a good-pie party gets organized. This story is a perfect example of turning lemons into lemonade. (AE)

The Girl and the Bicycle
by Mark Pett — E Pet
Wordless Picture Book

A girl spots a bicycle in a store window and knows that she just has to buy it. She searches for change, holds several yard sales, and finally offers her services to neighbors. After a year of working, she has enough money for the new bike. But by that time it has been sold! A wordless picture book — full of heart and, yes, a very happy ending! (AE)
Lara’s Gift
by Annemarie O'Brien —  j O’Brien
Historical Fiction

12-yr-old Lara lives in Imperial Russia in the early 1900’s. She is in line to be the next kennel steward for the Count, breeding and training borzoi hunting dogs. She gets “visions” about the future of her beloved dogs, which are both a gift and a curse. A unique story in a unique historical setting, but it’s not for the squeamish. (AE)

Secrets of the Sky Caves: Danger and Discovery on Nepal’s Mustang Cliffs
by Sandra K. Athans — j796.52 Ath
Nonfiction, Archeology

Mountaineers and archeologists work together when “cave cities” are found in the Nepalese mountains. Dating back to the 1100’s, they were carved out by human hands. Bones, murals, burials, and ancient manuscripts offer clues to the distant past. (AE)

Guppy Up!
by Jonathan Fenske — JE Yellow Fen
Beginning Reader

This story reads like a Dr. Seuss spin-off. Beginning readers can read about Guppy flopping in the mud and mopping up the flood. “Guppy winks, Guppy thinks. Guppy sinks and sinks and sinks.” The pictures help young readers figure out the words. (AE)

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