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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.

NOTE: Please check Library Catalog for availability.

Mama Seeton’s Whistle
by Jerry Spinelli — E Spi
Picture Book

When Mama Seeton whistles, her kids come running home for dinner and chocolate cake. Time passes, and the children grow up and move far away. Mama is sad and whistles to feel better. Will her children hear her whistle from all over the world?  (EM)

An Ambush of Tigers
by Betsy R. Rosenthal — j428.2 Ros
Nonfiction, Language

What do you call a group of tigers?  An ambush of tigers!  This is a fun rhyming story that teaches you the collective nouns that name a variety of animal groups!  Do you know what a group of your favorite animal is called? (KW)

Emmanuel’s Dream
by Laurie Ann Thompson — j921 Yeboah

Meet Emmanuel, a boy from West Africa who was born with one leg. His mom told him he could have anything, but he would have to get it himself.  Emmanuel wanted to change the world’s view of the disabled. Read about his 400 mile bicycle journey while bicycling with only one leg and learn how he became a national hero. (KAW)

Listen, Slowly
by Thanhà Lai — j Lai

12-year-old Mia only half-willingly accompanies her dad and grandmother Bà from Laguna Beach all the way across the globe to Vietnam. Mia barely understands Vietnamese, but she
has been designated to help Bà come to terms with the disappearance of her husband she left behind when Saigon fell in 1975. Mia (or Mai while in Viêt Nam) is in for a culture clash that will get you laughing and crying. Excellent! (AE)

My Near-Death Adventures: (99% True!)
by Alison DeCamp — j DeC
Historical Fiction

Tom Sawyer meets Wimpy Kid in a funny novel about Stan, who goes with his mother to an Upper Peninsula logging camp in 1895. Stan has lots of imagination, little common sense, and the unfortunate habit of saying out loud what he means to keep to himself. (PS)

Volcano & Earthquake
by Susanna Van Rose – j551.21 Van

This Eyewitness book contains many wonderful photographs and drawings of these two types of cataclysmic events. It shows what causes them, where they mostly happen, and what the results were when they did happen. It also tells about particular instances, such as the 1906 and 1989 San Francisco earthquakes. It also explains what’s being done to lessen destruction. (RD)

by Mac Barnett — E Bar
Picture Book

The old game of “telephone” is hilariously told using birds on a telephone wire. As each bird repeats the message, it gets further off the track until there is panic and fear that Peter the pigeon will be eaten!  Wise Owl calmly sees through all the craziness and delivers the original message: “Hey, Peter. Your mom says fly home for dinner.” (MK)

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