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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


The Story of Buildings
by Patrick Dillon — j720 Dil
Nonfiction – Architecture

A captivating look at the most famous buildings around the world – not only how they were built, but also the stories behind why they were built, reflecting cultures and historical events. Stephen Biesty’s exquisite cross-section illustrations and fold-out pages provide a fascinating inside look at how each building’s design complements its uses. (MK)

Eliza Bing is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter
by Carmella Van Vleet – j Van
Contemporary Fiction
Eliza wants take a cake decorating class but must first prove to her parents that she is not a quitter.  She takes her brother’s place in a taekwondo class and is determined to stick it out.  Along the way, she gains self-confidence. (EM)

Mogie: The Heart of the House
by Kathi Appelt — E App
Picture Book

If you just can’t get enough of those heart-warming true dog stories, here is another beauty. Mogie is great at breaking rules and mending hearts. He trots into a Ronald McDonald House only to get a sad & sick boy motivated enough to get healthy & happy again. (AE)

My First Oxford Book of Stories
Edited by Geraldine McCaughrean, illustrated by Ruby Green – E McM
Picture Book, Fairy Tales

This book contains 12 classic stories that give children a great intro to literature. “The Magic Porridge Pot,” “The Golden Goose,” and “The Bremen Town Musicians” are just a few.
All are the perfect length for bedtime reading, and every page has illustrations in full color. (RD)

My Pet Book
by Bob Staake — E Sta
Picture Book

Goofy, colorful graphics complement an equally silly story about a boy who finds the perfect pet:  a small red book.  When the book disappears, it takes a full page to express the boy’s dismay: OH NO! Will there be a happy ending? (PS)

Naughty Kitty
by Adam Stower – E Sto
Picture Book

Lily gets a kitten for a pet, because mom thinks dogs are too messy. Each time Lily leaves him alone for a few minutes, she returns to find a HUGE disaster.  How can such a little kitten cause so much trouble? (KW)

Swim, Duck, Swim!
by Susan Lurie — E Lur

Duckling has never swam before and refuses to swim. He doesn’t like to get wet and he is afraid.  Will duckling jump in and play with the other ducklings in the pond? This is a great photographic book about getting over your fears and trying something new. (KAW)

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