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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


Henry Holton Takes the Ice
 by Sandra Bradley – E Bra
Picture Book

Henry Holton’s family is obsessed with ice hockey.  Henry likes to skate, but he doesn’t like to play ice hockey. Instead, he decides he would like to try ice dancing, but he must first convince his family to let him even try it. (EM)
Queen of the Diamond
by Emily Arnold McCully — j796.357 McC
Nonfiction, Sports

Lizzie Murphy was the queen of baseball. She was born in 1894. During this time girls were not known to play baseball. Baseball was thought to be a boys’ sport. Lizzie proved to the world that they were wrong. Not only was she good at baseball, she signed with a professional baseball team and went on to play professionally for 17 years. (KAW)

by Lou Anders — j And v.1

Here is the 1st title of a new Norse mythological fantasy series in which a board game hero, Karn, befriends the half-giantess Thianna to fight dragon-flying soldiers, conniving relatives, and Helltopper, the undead Viking warrior. An action-packed story; includes instructions for the Thrones and Bones Board Game, too. (AE)

by Sarah Weeks — j Wee
Contemporary Fiction

Melody never knew her mother, who died when she was born. But now that she has uncovered her father’s secret—that he may get married again—she has a definite opinion about his choice of replacement mother!  Along with her best friend Nick, Melody tries to find the woman who her dad calls “Honey” on the phone and hopefully stop him from making a big mistake! A charming story. (MK)

A Plague of Unicorns
by Jane Yolen — j Yol

An inquisitive duke’s son is sent away to be educated by monks.  He finds the abbey under siege by apple-eating unicorns—and only the apples can save the abbey from ruin.  This light-hearted fantasy by celebrated author Yolen is both entertaining and a solid introduction to medieval life. (PS)

Mountain of Bones
by Christopher Krovatin — j Kro

Three kids wander away from their group and get lost in the woods where they encounter flesh eating zombies. (KW)

Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road
by Priscilla Galloway — j950 Gal
Nonfiction, Ancient History

Here is a detailed, yet engaging look at ancient history, culture and religion along the famous trade route and its tributaries. You will “travel” together with an inquisitive Chinese Buddhist pilgrim (from the 7th century), the famous Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan (12th century), and the famous merchant Marco Polo (13th century). (AE)

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