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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


Waiting for Winter
by Sebatian Meschenmoser — E Mes
Picture Book

Along with his friends Bear and Hedgehog, Squirrel decides he wants to wait up instead of hibernating to see this “snow” he has heard about. The misassumptions made by the animals are hilarious – especially when illustrated with laugh-out-loud (in the library!) colored pencil drawings. One of my all-time favorite picture books! (MK)

All-of-a-Kind Family
by Sydney Taylor — j Tay

You have to love a book that starts with a visit to the library.  In 1912, five sisters are growing up in a close-knit Jewish family in New York City. Every day is an adventure, whether celebrating holidays or going to the beach.  This year will be particularly exciting: the family will grow by two! Classic. (PS)

Twenty-Two Cents
by Paula Yoo − j921 Yunus

Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, because he had successfully established a bank in Bangladesh that specifically helped impoverished people (mostly women) work their way out of poverty with integrity and purpose. Yunus’ work showed the whole world what could be achieved with the concept of micro-lending. Be inspired! (AE)

Star Bright: A Christmas Story
by A. McGhee & P.H. Reynolds — E McG
Holiday Picture Book

In a freshly modern interpretation, a charming angel looks down from the sky and wonders what gift to give the baby soon to be born in December. Wind? Rain? Song? All good choices, but the
most fitting one… is how the story ends. (AE)

Sniffer Dogs: How Dogs (and Their Noses) Save the World
by Nancy F. Castaldo — j 636.708 Cas
Nonfiction, Animals

Dogs are born with an incredible sense of smell. And when you train a dog to put his/her extraordinary sense of smell to work, the dog becomes a partner and colleague. After rigorous training, these playful dogs turn into amazing detectives & life-saving heroes. (AE)

The Smallest Gift of Christmas
by Peter H. Reynolds — E Rey
Holiday Picture Book

On Christmas morning, Roland is very disappointed when he sees a very small present under the tree for him. He is certain there are bigger presents meant for him, so he goes out searching, but no matter how huge the gift, it’s never big enough for him. Finally he goes searching into outer space and realizes how precious that first smallest gift really is. (RD)

Lola and the Wild Chicken
by Christine Pakkala — j Pak v. 2
Contemporary Fiction

Lola is having a hard week.  First, her best friend Amanda is hanging out with Jessie instead of her.  Second, Lola keeps getting in trouble at school.  Will Lola be able to right the wrongs she has done, and will she get Amanda’s loyalty and friendship back? (EM)

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