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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


The Dumbest Idea Ever!
by Jimmy Gownley — j 741.59 Gow              

In a true story of school highs and lows, family life, a little romance, and what it takes to stick to your dream, the author of the “Amelia Rules”
series puts his own story into the graphic novel format. The dumbest idea? For Jimmy to write and publish his own comic, which he did at age 15. (PS) 

Night Noises and other Mole and Troll Stories
by Tony Johnston — JE Blue Joh
Early Reader

Here’s an oldie-goldie that fits right in with Frog and Toad (Lobel), Mouse and Mole (Yee), and Frog and Friends (Bunting).  Amidst four leaf clover wishes, loose teeth and scary noises in the night — Mole and Troll are true friends. (AE)

Another Day as Emily
by Eileen Spinelli — j Spi

Suzy is feeling downright neglected: nobody pays any attention to her.  She decides to spend her eleventh summer emulating the poet Emily Dickinson.  She will become a recluse, wear long white dresses, and write poetry.  The result is an entertaining novel in verse,
perfect for a quick read. (PS)

Dino Shapes
by Suse MacDonald − Board Book Mac
Board Book

Who lived a long, long time ago, had round eyes, sharp teeth, a wide mouth, and a fierce glance? Each die-cut page shows a shape, names the shape, and adds new shape to… the biggest dinosaur ever! Bright colors and the undying popularity of dinosaurs creates an appealing concept book in board book format. (AE)

Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight
by Wendy Mass & Michael Brawer — JE Red Mas
Beginning Chapter Book

It’s Take Your Kid to Work Day, and Archie is ready for a day of taxi-riding in the big city.  SURPRISE! Archie’s dad is actually an intergalactic taxi driver and his passengers are aliens! (PS)

Extra Time
by Morris Gleitzman — j Gle
Fiction, Sports

Here’s a soccer story from Australia – where soccer is “football” and “g’days” mingle with the British “wotchas.” Matt is a teen soccer star, but with a heart of gold he’s too nice to play mean, which it seems is what it takes if you want to make it big. That’s why Matt has a little sister for a manager. She gets him all the way to Manchester United. (AE)

What’s New? The Zoo! A Zippy History of Zoos
by Kathleen Krull — j590.744 Kru
Nonfiction, Animals

Author Krull and illustrator Marcellus Hall bring fascinating stories of zoos from 400,000 years ago (Sumerian city of Ur) to 2009 (San Diego Zoo).  It’s a wonderful trip around the world and through time! (PS)

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